5 Windows 10 Features Your Business Needs

5 Windows 10 Features Your Business Needs

Windows 10 has been here for over a year now. There are many businesses that did not bother to update to Windows 10 and are sticking with Windows 7. We understand why; Windows 8 was a good, but not great product. It had many improvements over Windows 7, but its interface was a mess without a touchscreen. It was better suited to a tablet than a desktop computer. It was jarring for new users and never really became too popular. Whether you made the journey from 7 to 8 or not, here are a few key features that might pique your interest in 10.

1) Advanced Security

Microsoft has really started to take security seriously. We loved Windows Defender when it was introduced in Windows 7.  Too many people keep using their computers without any anti-virus or security software installed. Windows 10 is the most secure version of Windows. It won’t keep your computer a 100% safe but it will be safer than before. There is continuous scanning for threats plus many of the vulnerabilities that were in the previous versions of Windows have been fixed.

2) Multiple Desktops

It is very annoying when you have a lot of applications open and have to switch between them again and again. Having to constantly switch seriously lowers the productivity of people in your office. Windows 10 has one of the best implementations of multiple desktops we have seen. You can easily make multiple workspaces and switch between them quickly. It makes work more organized and easier to do.

3) Windows Hello

Windows Hello is a new security measure that is secure while being user friendly. It can recognize you using your face or using a fingerprint reader if you have one. Passwords have never really been very safe. Many people end up writing down their passwords somewhere and that means your company’s data security is at risk. Windows Hello allows you to ensure that only authorized people are accessing your computers while at the same time not being a pain for the people working in your office.

4) Cortana

Cortana is the virtual assistant made by Microsoft. It is similar to Apple’s Siri except that it also comes in Windows 10 and is not just limited to phones. We love how Cortana allows us to easily set reminders and manage our tasks. Cortana interacts with your email, your calendar, and much more to provide you with timely reminders and suggestions. It makes work easier and more engaging.

5) Bash Shell

This is one of the strangest additions to Windows we have seen and developers will love it. Linux’s Bash shell is now available on Windows. While it is seriously limited (largely to ensure you don’t mess up your Windows configuration) we like the functionality of it. You can run many programs you wouldn’t have been able to run otherwise.

There is a lot more that Windows 10 has to offer for businesses. It is also a free upgrade from Windows 8 so if you still haven’t upgraded you should. We are always interested in ensuring that all our clients use only the most secure versions of software and operating systems.

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