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What do you do at NetRes?  

I am a Project Technician in the Premier services team. My job duties are implementing and executing new Projects for clients and handling service for all Time and Material customers.

What is your background?   

Started playing with computers in 1980 and fell in love, at that point I decided to take on programming in basic and assembly language but stopped in the mid 80’s when my best friend got so much better at it I gave up. Got my first job working with computers in 1992 at a small break fix shop that I worked at trading labor for computer parts and software. In 1994 I started working for AST Computers doing telephone support until being laid off in 1997.  Had various jobs in Corporate America until 2002 when I was laid off.  I finally got a job in early 2003 doing onsite computer and network service. In March of 2007 I started my own consulting company ARK Computer Solution. I ran the company until April of 2015 at which time I decided I wanted to focus on computer and network engineering and not CEO/accounts billable/accounts payable/engineer/sales…

What do you enjoy about working at NetRes? I’m a geek and I like technology and learning new things. But this job has some of the greatest people I’ve worked with and for that I am thankful, I also work with a lot of great clients and customers and it definitely makes this job one of the best.

Favorite activities you like to do when not working?

Doing as little with my brain as I can. 😉 I know some of the guys (or maybe all of them) will say that’s what I do when I am at work.

Richard Knoesel

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