April 2018

April 2018

Make 2018 a Winning Year!

Now that the madness of March has come and gone, let’s focus on the next big season, Q2 and, of course, baseball! There are 30 MLB teams in the league and they play 162 games in a season, in one season! That’s 162 chances to come out on top or 162 chances to learn from mistakes and practice harder before the next game. We only get 65 working days in a quarter but that’s 65 chances for us to win or learn or both!

Baseball shows us no matter how hard you work, sometimes you can just have a bad game, even the Great Bambino didn’t always get a home run. Every talented team knows that one game’s results will not reflect the outcome of the season. There’s always room to reflect on what happened and how to prevent it.

As we start the second quarter, it’s a valuable time to reflect on those wins and losses we had in Q1. What happened that prevented your plan from working? Was it something you could have controlled or was it simple just a ‘bad game’ that needed to be reevaluated to get a better outcome? What were your wins? How did you celebrate them?

Networking Results had some great wins for us in Q1 but we also had the losses that we were able to look at and find the root cause to where we can improve. Our batting average may not have ended at .500 with all the goals and plans we created, but we had a better batting average than this time last year. What was your average from 2017 Q1 and 2018 Q1? Were you able to start this next season with a better chance at winning?

Let’s continue to make 2018 a winning year! I’m excited to see what wins we’ll achieve in Q2 and hopefully prevent as many losses as possible. What are your plans? Is there a way I can help you achieve your goals? I look forward to working as a team this quarter! As the old saying goes “batter up, let’s play ball!” Here’s to a successful Q2!


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