April 2019

April 2019

Last month we recognized Employee Appreciation Day. It’s an important day to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work, but at Networking Results we believe that should just be every day. Recognizing your staff regularly can improve moral and create confidence for them.

Last year, we created an awards program for our staff that rewarded the entire team for hitting a specific goal. Good news, we built a great deal of momentum and we were able to achieve our goal and grant all the awards to our staff. But the challenge for 2019 was how do we reward them this year to keep up the momentum we created last year?

After researching several methods and various strategies, we settled on an employee recognition platform that fits just right.  The platform not only allows management to recognize employees, but employees can recognize one another publicly or privately.  The goal of the platform is to recognize employees for their efforts, accomplishments, and behaviors with meaningful words but then also gifting them points they can accumulate and use to purchase awards from a bonus catalog later.

Leaders of a team can set out a target for the day or week and when the team hits it they all get 500 points.  Which is enough to give someone a boost in their step but not bust the bosses bank.  Teammates who refill the frig with Cokes and Dr. Peppers might get a few points if someone sees them doing it and want to recognize them for their extra effort.

Whether it was a big thing, assisting someone in a ticket they couldn’t solve, or for doing some good deeds around the office, the encouragement is always appreciated.  They can then use the points on toys, donation to charities, or gift cards.   Then, in addition to these standard awards, there are custom rewards that we made up to make it a bit more fun.  One of our internal awards is getting to bring your dog to work for a day and another one is to get to wear shorts to the office.

Why start an employee recognition program? Last year our awards program was based on a goal as a team. Each quarter was one step closer to achieving the big goal. While we were able to achieve it, we didn’t know where to go from there. We could do another awards program but what is the end goal? We decided on a recognition platform to bring everyone on the team together. To share stories of success or helpfulness that normally wouldn’t be known to many.

The goal of the platform is to give meaningful recognitions to one another. Seeing comments like “Thank you for jumping in on Thursday night to rebuild the NIC Team on the REPL01 server. You did this without being asked. With your help, the server came back online and hopefully we can have a successful failover at next test window. Appreciate your help” truly make a difference within our office. We’re also allowed to high five those comments for the receiver to get more encouragement and points to use.

Sharing these amazing stories between team members brings up moral and encourages others to assist in ways they may not have considered before. We’re acting like a true team, helping one another and going the extra mile even when they thought no one was looking. We appreciate all that our employees do, and I love getting to recognize them for it, even if I’m not there to see it.

The platform is still new to us but we are enjoying it.  I’m sure as we continue using it, more ideas will be pushed out and hopefully well received.   No matter the method, make sure you are providing and encouraging others to provide encouragement and feedback to their teammates.


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