Why Your Business Needs to Consider VoIP

Why Your Business Needs to Consider VoIP

VoIP (voice over IP) phone solutions for businesses!

When new technology gets released, it sounds like magic. VoIP is one such service that home owners and businesses continually hear alongside phrases like “cost saving”, “reliable” and “efficient”.

The problem is that, because this technology is relatively new and more than just a mild departure from the copper telecommunication lines most people are familiar with, it can quickly grow confusing. Even some of the simplest explanations require sifting through technical jargon and abstract terms. This is what causes most businesses to shy away from VoIP for business, even though it could end up being one of the best changes you’ve ever made.

In this guide, we’re going to go over what Voice over IP is and why your business should consider a VoIP phone service.

What is Voice Over IP for Business?

Simply put, VoIP is a method through which your phone calls are routed through an IP-based phone service rather than your local public switch telephone network.

Concerning the more technical aspect of what VoIP phone service does is that it converts an analog signal into a digital one. This can result in numerous benefits, which includes a higher call quality, less service outages and an easier time when trying to handle a large volume of calls.

It’s a simple, modular replacement to your existing phone service. The IP-PBX software handles converting digital and analog signals back and forth at some point beyond your telephone. All that your business requires is an existing Internet connection to make this technology work.

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What Advantages Do VoIP Services Bring?

The most obvious advantage of this technology is that fact that it allows for a higher total bandwidth versus when utilizing the PSTN. Digital data can be compacted in more efficient ways, which in turn allows for more calls to be sent using the same amount of information that a traditional analog call would use.

If your business has the available networking bandwidth for it, then it can provide you with a higher capacity for calls than traditional phone lines would allow.

The second advantage relates to the first. Because the data can be more compact and because it uses an infrastructure designed to handle massive amounts of data, you’ll find that your phone service’s rates will cost mere pennies on the dollar compared to a PSTN phone service. This allows your business to save money that’s better off being reinvested in your business for growth and other necessary things.

The last noteworthy advantage of Voice over IP service pertains to businesses that are worried about expanding their infrastructure in the near future. When your business grows, you typically have to invest large sums of money in ensuring that your communication can handle all the calls you might expect. SIP, the technology that makes most VoIP calls possible, allows for a few settings to be changed with your network to allow additional phone lines.

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What About the Drawbacks?

For businesses, the concerns about VoIP service tends to be limited to the initial cost of setting it up in place of a PSTN infrastructure. These concerns address your current Internet connection and your telecommunications infrastructure.

VoIP for business requires a certain amount of bandwidth for each simultaneous call placed. This means that you won’t be able to use it on anything less than a broadband Internet connection. Even then, you may still need to upgrade your service to allow for enough simultaneous call capacity, depending on the size of your business, and the call volume being handled.

The other aspect that concerns your business is how well your telecommunications infrastructure will handle it. Cloud-based services require that your telecommunications system be able to make use of SIP-enabled phones to ensure that the IP-PBX software can route the right phone calls to the right telephone.

Is VoIP Service Right For You?

If your company already makes use of a fairly high speed internet solution, the chances are that your set up costs will be minimal, and the ongoing savings might be dramatic. Many businesses shy away from VoIP because they aren’t comfortable implementing such a new solution. You shouldn’t make that mistake, as your business may find that it provides you with both the financial and technical advantage that your business needs to stay competitive.

Please contact us if you’d like to find out more about VoIP for your business. We can answer all your questions and address any concerns you might have about VoIP for business.

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