Cryptolocker Continues to Cost Companies Cash

Cryptolocker Continues to Cost Companies Cash

Even as I sit here and type the word ransomware, my text editor underlines it in red as if it doesn’t exist.  Many businesses wish that were true, but it sadly, it’s not.  Current versions of ransomware infect a user’s machine, encrypt local and shared files making them unreadable, and then ask for a ransom (typically in Bitcoins) from the user in order to get the de-encryption key necessary to regain access to the files.  It can cost hundreds, or even thousands of dollars to de-encrypt the files if the infected user doesn’t have good backups from which to restore their data.

Cryptolocker Virus

A hospital in California recently coughed up $17,000 to get their data “unlocked”, and there are other examples everywhere.

Networking Results is in the final stages of onboarding a product from MalwareBytes that has proven successful in preventing ransomware from being able to execute it’s encryption payload.  This vital protection will be available for less than $1 per machine/month.  Please contact us for more details.





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