December 2018

December 2018

Do you have dreams or fantasies in your head that have been floating around there for years but never happen?  Are you setting goals for 2019?  Are you going to achieve them?  Why do some people achieve their dreams while others do not?  If you have been reading this newsletter for very long you know that about six years ago I set a goal to hit all 50 states before I turn 50. That gave me 8 years to hit the remaining 40-something states I had not yet visited.  I don’t bring this up to bore you with my vacation photos but to begin a conversation about having goals that are actually achievable.

I’m sure each of you reading this have personal dreams, goals or business objectives you want to achieve.  Some of you have an idea for a non-profit you want to launch or maybe a phone app you want to get on the Apple Store. These ideas are just floating around in your head and you really want to get to them someday. Well that’s kind of where I was with visiting all the states in the United States. I’d had the idea in my head for a long time, but I had never done what it takes to make it a reality.  What does it take to end the frustration and disappointment and achieve those BHAGs?

When I am talking to people about this topic, I see that they have often fallen short in one or more of the following 4 areas.  1. They have not given it a name. 2. They have not set a date to be accomplished. 3. They have not laid out a plan to get there. 4. They have not told those around them about the goal and date.  These are the 4 key elements to achieving what you want in this life.  Big or small, you can apply these principles and make it happen.

I strongly believe those four things are the difference between the things that get done in life and the things that do not. So, if you have those things you want to get done before your time on this earth is over or before the end of 2019 in business, then get started today.

The first two things you can combine into one which is helpful for me.  First, you need to give it a name and then give it a date to be completed by.  In my case, it was catchy but that’s not a requirement.  What it should do is easily and clearly identify the goal to be achieved. I.e.”Fifty by 50” or “I want to get my business plan written by my birthday this year.”

The third thing is far more time consuming.  You need to make a plan to get away and to sit down in a quiet place and map out the basic steps to achieve your dream.  This is where it often falls apart for most.  If you really want it to happen, you need to take a day away from the office or mark a Saturday where you will get some quiet time.  For me, I took a Saturday and I looked at all 50 states on a map and figure out which ones could be visited in a single trip together. I called each of these loops. Each loop was mapped out and put on a calendar. They were assigned a year in which they would be accomplished. I didn’t know specifically 6 years in advance which week of 2019 I was going to go to Yellowstone National Park, but I knew 6 years in advance that in 2019 that was where I needed to go if I planned on hitting my goal.

The forth thing is easy to accomplish but a bit more difficult to start.  This one requires you to really believe.  You tell your family and friends and give them the goal and target date.  You don’t need them to agree to do anything, you simply just need to tell a bunch of people what you plan to accomplish and by when you plan to do it.  The act of telling them is amazing.  Don’t do it flippantly but really consider it and let this be the point of no return.

Lots of people have ideas of visiting Mount Rushmore or starting a nonprofit or opening a coffee shop or yoga studio. Some are just fun to think about, but others are things that we want to accomplish before time runs out.  For those really important things we must give it a name, we have to establish a timeline for getting it done, then we have to step through the process of what each step along the way looks like to get it done, and lastly to seal the deal, we need to tell those close to us about our target and timeline.

So, what’s that one big accomplishment in your life? Is it a dream vacation? Is it a 1969 Mustang you’ve always wanted to rebuild?  Is it to learn the basics of tennis?  Is it to finish the New York Marathon? Whatever it is that’s in your head business, personal, or something in your community, put it on the map to create your loops and set a deadline for getting it all done.  Best of luck to you in 2019.  Let me know what you come up with, I would love to hear your dreams, fantasies, and goals.


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