I appreciate our partnership and thank you in advance for any referrals or leads you provide me.  I will take special care of whomever you refer us to.

Our sweet spot includes business with 10-100 computer users.  Who do you know that size?

We work with a variety of industries but our primary verticals are

  • Nonprofit**
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial

** A Brainchild of mine to develop a Nonprofit Synergy Advisory Board has grown legs and has materialized into something remarkable over a short period of time. If you know a professional that has a “proven pedigree/resume” in providing services to the Nonprofit sector mentioned, get us connected. I’d love to get coffee with them and share what’s been developing.

Can you think of anyone you can introduce me to? Client? Prospect? Friend?

Eric's Target Market
Referral Type

What can I do for you and your business? What clients of mine can I introduce you to? We can start a cadence of us picking 5 LinkedIn connections  weekly for warm introductions? Thoughts?

Let’s continue to work together to make 2019 a great year for all!