Happy 15th Anniversary Networking Results!

Happy 15th Anniversary Networking Results!

15 years ago this week, Networking Results was officially born!  As is usually the case with IT startups, our humble beginnings didn’t give much of an indication as to what was in store for the organization or the hundreds of clients we’ve had the privilege of serving over the years.

During this period of time we’ve grown, evolved, learned some hard lessons, adapted and come out stronger on the other side. We have learned to execute and service our clients better while at the same time spending more time focused on the things that really matter in this life.  We are not perfect but we continue to build on the lessons of yesterday to improve ourselves personally and professionally.  Our focus has never been on being geeks but being leaders to those who depend on us and servants to our community that needs us.

We have hired an amazing team of professionals who desire to serve our clients helping them to succeed at reaching their organizational goals and mission.  I am so proud of my NetRes family.  We could never have reached this milestone without their hard work, dedication, and passion for clients.

We’ve seen some technologies come and go like the wind, while others have emerged and literally changed the way the world works.  We’ve experienced exciting new opportunities to get connected and communicate, while battling against a whole host of attendant threats that came along for the ride in an effort to strike and peel back the advances that have been so hard fought and won.  We’ve cheered the rise of social media and the benefits its delivered to the individual and businesses alike.  We’ve been delighted by an ever-shrinking computer that has become the data-processing dynamo in the palm of our hand making phone calls, scheduling our day, and allowing us to work from anywhere, anytime.  And during this time of building NetRes we’ve been motivated, inspired and replenished by working with the best clients in the world!

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