June 2018

June 2018

We’re half way through 2018, let’s continue to make it a great year!

Can you believe we’re almost to the halfway point of 2018 already?! It feels like yesterday I was creating 2018 goals with my team and focusing on how I was going to make this a winning year. Our team has already accomplished a great deal in just 6 months but we will keep striving to hit the numbers we put out there.

In early 2018, we developed a thematic goal, Conquer the Chaos, for our team that involves improving one operational number and doing so in three stages. We hit our first stage goal in April and looking to stay on target for the second one due up at the end of July. The energy is high and the chatter around the office is all about how we can hit that goal. We are offering reward points, like credit card or frequent flyer points, that add up as we hit each stage and along the way they can cash those in for prizes out of a huge catalog of gifts. We even took bucket list prize suggestions from the team and added those items to the award company’s catalog. While the incentives to hit goal are encouraging, it’s the comradery my team has shown to one another I consider the biggest win of them all. Now to push through the next 6 months with the same positive attitude and focus and hit the big one!

How are you finishing the year? Are you on target to winning Q2 and staying focused for Q3 and Q4? One of our goals as a company was leadership training for myself and staff. We decided on 5 Dysfunctions of a Team and held weekly training meetings with Coach Rick Kolster, Head Coach and Founder of Peak Performance Group. We had ten members of our staff raise their hands that they wanted to be better leaders and to help continue the success of NetRes. We’re learning more on the types of leaders we currently are and what we can do to reach the next level. I’ve known Coach Rick for many years and truly thankful for the advice and mentorship he’s provided us.

What plans do you have to finish the year as a victor? Have you started a training plan for your team? Created a new strategy that will make your business more successful? I’d love to hear your story and learn what else I can do to make 2018 a year of winning, not just for myself but for my team as well.

Email me at jhoward@networkingresults.com or call me at 817-575-6230 and let’s have a conversation! I’m happy to assist achieving your goals and helping create more success.



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