Managing IT In-House Is More Than Most Can Handle

Managing IT In-House Is More Than Most Can Handle

7 Questions To Ask & 7 Benefits Of Using Managed IT Services

Every business owner wants their company to succeed, grow and prosper. Information technology can help you do this. But some businesses are still relying on in-house IT support – staff that’s expensive to employ and that can’t possibly keep up with today’s fast-evolving technology.

Technology is changing faster than an in-house IT staffs can handle. Even large enterprises are realizing they can’t manage IT themselves with internal teams.

That’s why smart business owners are outsourcing their technology service and support to Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs).  Much like outsourcing legal services, Managed IT Services will save you money and provide the expertise and support you need.

What Is A Managed Service Provider?

An MSP is a company that manages your IT infrastructure. Service and support are typically contracted through a subscription-based model that’s affordable and customizable.

MSPs use a proactive approach to IT to prevent downtime and problems rather than waiting to fix something after it breaks.

An MSP can be your fully outsourced IT department or supplement your in-house IT staff. An MSP’s IT resources and expertise are maintained at their expense, not yours.

Why Do You Need An MSP?

  • There’s a scarcity of IT talent and expertise. We aren’t training enough technology professionals today.  Expertise will increasingly be in demand.
  • Limited in-house IT staff can’t keep up with technological innovations that you need to compete.
  • Cost savings increase when you outsource your IT needs.
  • Most business owners don’t know what an internal IT staff does, so how can they manage them?
  • Outsourcing IT Services can be written off on your taxes as an operating expense. With in-house, IT support you have to purchase all the tools, hardware and software to manage IT. These are capital expenditures that you must depreciate over time.
  • Time and efficiency increase. When outsourcing your IT to an MSP, you don’t need to worry about technology, and you can focus on your business.

What Does A Managed Service Provider Do?

Managed service providers are experts in information technology. Your MSP will work to proactively prevent IT-related problems. They can do this remotely and by visiting you onsite. They will also repair things right away when they go wrong and determine the core issue for the problem, so it won’t reoccur.

The right MSP will identify the best way for you to use technology to achieve your goals. They will develop a customized IT plan with the solutions and services you need to achieve your vision.

Think of your MSP as a business partner who will help you develop an IT strategy that aligns with your goals and budget. They employ subject matter experts with an understanding of your industry to achieve the business outcomes you’re looking for.

[SIDEBAR] With a Managed Service Provider you get the advantages of a fully-staffed IT department without the burden of having to pay for or manage one. 

Ask Yourself These 7 Questions

  1. Are You Getting Limited IT Service & Support From Your In-house Staff?

IT departments are typically understaffed due to budget constraints. They may be able to keep up with day-to-day troubleshooting but won’t have the time or expertise to make plans for the future to reach your company’s long-term goals.

When IT teams are overwhelmed, errors occur due to gaps in processes.  And when errors occur, your business is vulnerable to security breaches.

Hackers target small and mid-sized businesses. They wait for security patches to be released. They look for IT systems that haven’t been patched quickly so they can get in and spread malicious viruses that lock up or steal your data.

Information technology is continuously evolving, and it’s easy for a limited staff to fall behind. They’ll struggle to stay on top of current IT and solutions coming down the road.

Your Managed Service Provider provides all the service and support you need, with the up-to-date expertise to eliminate security threats and develop an IT strategy to ensure you’re ready for the future.

[SIDEBAR] Internal IT departments are usually stretched too thin to keep up, much less plan ahead.

  1. Are You Spending Too Much Employing IT Staff?

Just Do The Math:

Some businesses hire an IT technician on a full-time basis. These technicians tend to earn about $90,000 annually exclusive of benefits, bonuses and vacation pay.

Basic Staffing For One IT Engineer:

Base Salary $99,604

Bonuses  $2,824

Social Security $7,836

401K/403B $3,687

Disability $922

Healthcare $6,595

Pension $6,453

Vacation/Sick Leave $12,606

Annual Compensation $140,527

When you compare this to the average $8,000 to $15,000 a year that most organizations pay for outsourced managed IT services, hiring an individual tech or a staff of technology engineers is a very expensive way to obtain IT support.

[SIDEBAR]  Staffing IT in-house can be expensive and result in poor ROI.

  1. Do You Have Recurring Technology Issues?

Are you experiencing frequent downtime, viruses, or other issues with your hardware or software? If so, it’s likely that you’re losing profits and productivity.

When it comes to hardware and software, it’s no secret that it’s not a matter of “if” it will break, but “when.” Unfortunately, when it does break, a simple reboot isn’t going to fix it. If you don’t have the necessary resources on hand to replace and repair the IT solutions, you’re looking at a loss in productivity – and, depending on what goes down and the length of downtime this could put a strain on your customer relationships, and your finances.

With a quality MSP partner, you can improve your overall productivity and profits with reliable running technology that is proactively monitored and managed.  You can sleep well at night knowing that you have a team of experts monitoring your technology 24/7 to prevent reliability and security issues.

[SIDEBAR] MSPs have an incentive to prevent your IT infrastructure from breaking. You pay them a fixed monthly fee for reliable, secure running technology.

  1. What Happens When Your IT Staff Can’t Keep Up?
  • Users don’t get their questions and issues addressed.
  • Lagging virus patches and updates expose your business to security breaches.
  • You fall behind your competitors without the up-to-date technology you need to compete.
  • They don’t have the time or expertise needed to take on new projects.
  • You won’t have a plan for the future.

[SIDEBAR] Piling more and more responsibility on overburdened IT staff is a recipe for disaster.

  1. Is IT Budgeting Out Of Control?

Are you always being hit with IT surprises that you didn’t plan for? Not only can these be expensive, they usually come when you need your cash for other projects.

New computers, software and servers can be costly.  Plus, with the fast-pace of technology changes, few IT solutions last longer than a few years.

Your MSP can provide options like Hardware-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service (even Security-as-a-Service) to ensure you always have what you need for a fixed, monthly user-based fee.   You’ll never be hit with IT expenses you didn’t plan for. You can easily budget your IT costs and scale services as your requirements change.

[SIDEBAR} Unexpected and unplanned IT expenses can negatively affect your bottom line.

  1. Do You Have An IT Roadmap For The Future?  
  • Do you have a plan that’s aligned with your company’s financial and operational goals?
  • What technology do you need?
  • Will you need new computers, email systems, firewalls, or servers?
  • And if you do, which one(s) do you need right now, which ones can wait until later?

Your MSP can provide the answers you need with virtual CIO services. He’ll help you determine what steps you need to take to ensure your IT infrastructure meets the needs of today while planning for growth tomorrow.

[SIDEBAR] Knowing which IT challenges to tackle first is as valuable as having the skill and expertise to address ongoing ones.  

  1. How Do You Know If Your Technology Vendors Are Fulfilling Their Promises?
  • Are you getting the most value for your money on contracts?
  • Are you purchasing products that will be obsolete in a few years?
  • Are deliverables being met?
  • Are you getting the quality service you deserve?

Your MSP can act as a liaison between your business and IT vendors to ensure you’re getting the maximum value for the money you spend.

[SIDEBAR] Who on your IT team is managing vendor relationships? Anyone?

The 7 Benefits Of Using Our Managed IT Services

BENEFIT 1  Save Time & Worries

Without the worry of trying to manage technology in-house, you’ll have the time and energy to focus on your business knowing that your IT will always be there for you when you need it.

BENEFIT 2  Predictable Costs & Decreased Capital Expenditures

With us managing and monitoring your network you’ll pay a predictable monthly fee without expending capital that you need for essential projects and investments. Plus, you won’t have to worry about IT surprises. Your customized IT plan will include everything you require.  If you need to scale up or down on services, we can do that for you too.

BENEFIT 3  Technology Will Always Be Up To Date

With us as your MSP, you’ll have a team of experts in place, and at your service, so you’ll never fall behind the technology curve.

BENEFIT 4  The Connections You Need

We have relationships and partnerships with a variety of technology software and hardware suppliers. These relationships often include training and insights into how to best apply the technology in business situations. Your business will benefit from our training. And with our partnerships and procurement services, you’ll also benefit from the most cost-effective IT solutions.

BENEFIT 5  CIO Services

You may see this mentioned as vCIO Services (virtual CIO). Our CIO can work alongside your staff, or you can use his services on a supplementary basis.  You’ll always have the technology you need to achieve your goals and solve your business challenges.

BENEFIT 6  Around-the-Clock 24 X 7 Remote Monitoring and Management

Partnering with us means that your IT system will be monitored and maintained even when your IT staff is home sleeping or on vacation. We never take a day off or leave you without the service and support you require.  And IT issues are dealt with as they occur before they turn into major problems.

BENEFIT 7  Secure  IT

With Remote Management & Monitoring, and our Cybersecurity Services, we can detect and eradicate security threats before they infect your systems. And with regular Risk Assessments, we’ll ensure there are no gaps in your IT security.  With the average cost of a data breach at $7.35 Million and 60 percent of small and midsized companies going out of business after a security breach, using our MSP services will not only save you from legal and regulatory fines but may save the existence of your business.

Isn’t It Time To Let The Experts Manage Your IT?

Instead of employing IT staff, consider partnering with an MSP to handle your IT services, in whole or in part.

Schedule a no-obligation, customized IT Assessment and learn if Managed IT Services are right for you.

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