March 2018

March 2018

Winning March Madness

It’s that time of year again when college basketball is what everyone is talking about. That’s right, the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament has officially begun! We all know it more as March Madness! And this year it has been all about the madness.  Thanks to technology, writing out your bracket is a thing of the past since all you do now is click through a list and let the computer do all the work. Each year we play the bracket game here at NetRes, we even have a basketball in a glass trophy case and each year the winner gets to sign the ball.

This article is not about basketball, I’m no expert to write an epilog about the sport or the tournament itself. As I sit here, writing and watching the tournament, I couldn’t help but remember what it was like before. Sitting down at the table, writing each team out for each round, and following every game to make sure I kept up with my score.

Technology takes care of keeping up with who wins but picking who will win is still up to us.  And if you picked Virginia to win it all, or one of several other teams with high probability, you might find that your bracket is busted.

Business planning is like the bracket challenge.  Each year we sit down and we create a plan with more or less than 64 data points.  We don’t really know what will happen during the year but a plan must be in play to win. The joy of business planning or project planning or wedding planning, for that matter, is as the process evolves we can change the scope and even the goals if we want to.

What were your selections for 2018?  1st Quarter is almost over just like the first rounds of the tournament.  How did you do?  Is the 2018 business plan a bust?  If so, this might be the time to reset your expectations or change your activities to make up for the lost time. Or are you way ahead of the pack? Maybe it’s time to double down and increase your goals?  Whatever your circumstances, it’s time to reflect and make a plan to stay on course.

Here is to your winning 2018 business plan and NCAA Bracket!


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