May 2018

May 2018

It’s Our Sweet 16! Let’s Celebrate!

On May 17th, 2002, NetRes was officially born. After going through a layoff from a manufacturing company where I had worked almost 8 years, I decided to take my part-time business and make it a full-time career. Building a business was a goal of mine and 16 years ago, I made it come true.

When managing your own business, you’re going to have your wins and losses. 2018 is starting out to be a winning year but looking back at the last decade, I had several wins along the way and never took the time to celebrate. I just kept my head down and worked.

I never really stopped and celebrated going from a one man shop to hiring Jon Harvell, my first technical resource. I didn’t stop and celebrate hitting 5 years in business nor when we hit the 20 employee mark. No, I didn’t celebrate because I was focused on growing and saw those wins were just a part of the grand scheme of having your own business. It’s the little things we do in our lives we overlook; we’re focused on the bigger outcome than the small wins that come with it.

What small wins have you had with your business? Did you take the time to celebrate or were you like me, thinking more on how to continue to grow as an organization? When running a business, we seldom see a small win as something to rejoice over but to our staff, that small win was a huge accomplishment.

I’ve been fortunate to surround myself with not only talented technicians but, also, overall goodhearted people. We’re driving out the chaos this year as a team and achieved our first team goal that was set for the end of April. It’s a small milestone in the overall goal but we did it! We won what we set out to achieve and I am very proud of my team for pulling together for the group win.

If you’re thinking, with such a small win, how did you celebrate? We celebrated by praising everyone’s efforts and contributions to achieving our first goal of many for 2018. Oh, and we’re having a cookout with ice cream of course! My team worked extremely hard and their accomplishment shows me that in 16 years, I’m doing something right as an owner. More importantly, we’re doing something right as a company.

Let’s continue to make 2018 the year of winning! What accomplishments have you achieved in Q2? Did you celebrate the win? Is there something I can do to assist? Let’s continue to work together as team and come out as victors this year!


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