Networking Results Has Embraced the Pace

Networking Results Has Embraced the Pace

As we continually strive to improve the service product we deliver to our clients, we have embarked on a Customer Experience initiative with the DiJulius Group.  We’re learning a lot, and we can’t wait to be able to show it all off to our clients, but part of the process is to learn slowly and methodically so that the information settles in and people can be effectively trained on the details.

Our own Client Experience Coordinator, Barbara Leafgreen, has been recognized by the DiJulius Group in their latest blog post for her ability to “embrace the pace”.  Barbara has been our intermediary and trainer on everything she’s learned through the first two quarters of the program (I told you it wasn’t a quick process!), as she keeps us moving forward at just the right pace.

Under direction from the DiJulius Group, Barbara has organized a crack team of internal employees to help us establish the different elements of the custom program we’ll roll out to the rest of our employees, and eventually to our clients. We hope you’ll notice a big difference once we’re all trained implementing the details of our initiative on a daily basis.  Until then, please join us in embracing the pace!

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