Networking Results Panels Channels Transitions

Networking Results Panels Channels Transitions

This week our own Jeff Howard was a guest speaker at the Dallas-based version of the Channels Transitions conference,, presented by Business Solutions.  Business Solutions is the channel leader in educating VARs, MSPs, and ISVs on the transition to the as-a-Service business model and establishing a recurring revenue stream. BSM regularly publishes feature stories, case studies, opinion columns, and special guides on this important topic. Channel Transitions VAR/MSP Executive Conferences take that education to another level — networking with other channel partners who are focused on this transition.

As the leader of an MSP for nearly 15 years, Jeff was able to lend his expertise to those attending the conference in search of information on how they could successfully grow and transform their IT support businesses as well.  Jeff was able to address a variety of topics with the attendees and other panelists, including: MSP pricing strategies, per-device vs. per-user billing, how to grow from a one-man shop to a fully functioning MSP, how to identify and convey your competitive advantage, and how to address customer questions about break-fix vs MSP service delivery.





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