Contributed by David Yandry

We work with technology all day long: technology hardware, technology software, technology in the cloud. We read white papers and eBooks about technology. We attend webinars about technology. We participate in formal training and certification seminars about technology. Heck, we even discuss technology at lunch, on breaks and in our free time after work. All this talk about technology might start to give you the idea that we’re a technology company. But we’re not. We’re a service company.

Sure, technical products and solutions are a big part of what we deliver to our clients. Without a doubt, clients need pc’s and laptops to do their work, servers to aggregate and store their data, firewalls and anti-virus software to protect them, quality backup solutions for business continuity, and switches to connect it all together. But at the end of the day, every one of those items is available from a variety of sources locally and across the internet. Because many of those technologies are commodities, the primary tool we have to differentiate ourselves from our competitors is the effort, attention and thoughtfulness we bring to the service we provide.

Today, we spend a lot of time and energy sending out and following up on surveys that ask for feedback on the tickets our technicians close. This gives us a good idea how people feel about the service we’ve provided, and the results are generally very good. Additionally, we have a team of account managers that engage with our clients on a daily basis to assist with issues and gather input the rest of our organization can use to improve different aspects of our service delivery. We also have a very happy, positive workplace that naturally permeates into many of the interactions we have with clients. From several different perspectives, it appears our clients are pretty satisfied with our customer service.

So if I told you we recently removed the words “world-class customer service” from our website you might be confused about our priorities…but stay with me.

Late last year we decided as a company, that it was important to us all to do better. We found many inspiring examples of companies in other industries that didn’t just succeed, but excelled as the best-in-class of their industries, simply because of the quality of service they provide. Companies like Chick-fil-a, Amazon, Apple, Kroger, Zappos and Southwest Airlines. These companies don’t just have happy clients, they have delighted, raving fans. We were confident we could take some of the same practices, processes and procedures they employ in order to create our own raving fans.

So, we enlisted the assistance of a customer experience consultant to help us completely redesign and refocus the way we deliver service. We’re still very early in what will be a lengthy process (true, fundamental change takes time!), but we’ve designated an internal Customer Experience Specialist, attended regular offsite group training sessions, formed a multi-department task force to develop thought leadership, and started to identify some small ways in which we can immediately improve. It’s truly exciting to see our entire organization get behind these efforts.

We hope you begin to notice the changes and improvements as we accumulate and implement our new customer experience skills. We plan to provide something truly unique to businesses in Dallas and Fort Worth that need help with outsourced IT services. And make no mistake, we haven’t permanently abandoned the words “world-class customer service” from our website. We’re just striving to have them spoken by our clients. While we’re at it, we’re hoping to use each and every interaction with our clients as an opportunity to create a new raving fan. I guess you could say we’re on a mission, and we can’t wait to show you where it takes us!