Tech Solutions That Help Your Nonprofit Better Serve

Tech Solutions That Help Your Nonprofit Better Serve

When your top priority is to serve the community and help further your mission, you are probably maximizing every resource you have and working hard to keep your administrative costs as low as possible.

Nationwide, nonprofits spend an average of 5.2% of their budget on technology. Yet, almost 30% describe themselves as barely maintaining, or failing to maintain, their IT systems. Compounding the problem, many organizations are trying to hold sophisticated systems in place without the expertise to do so, eating up costs and human resources with little results.

At Networking Results, we recognize the incredible work nonprofits do in Texas. As the Managed Services Provider for Communities Foundation of Texas, we provided internet connectivity and computer support, installed phone queues, and readied their facility to support fundraising efforts during North Texas Giving Day. They were able to raise over $39 million from this year’s efforts.

We understand it’s tough to manage technology with limited budgets and expertise. Outsourcing your IT can make it possible to deliver exceptional service to those who need it most, while managing the increasing complexities of your IT on a fixed, monthly budget.

Here are 4 ways a managed services provider like Networking Results can help your nonprofit serve the community:

  1. Extends the life of your equipment

Many times, nonprofits are working with donated, outdated machines. Proper analysis of equipment helps determine if minor repairs are needed to make devices last another year or two or if it makes more sense to invest a little more and upgrade.

  1. Finds and leverages discounts for nonprofits

There are foundations and other agencies that support nonprofit organizations with heavily discounted or free products and services. Networking Results looks for these opportunities and facilitates implementation.

  1. Secures donor and client personal information

Although every organization can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks, nonprofit organizations may be targeted because they have data rich with donor information such as credit card and personal identification data. Installing a security suite of antivirus, antispam and malware detection software protects nonprofits from data breaches and downtime.

  1. Coordinates vendor support

Vendors need access to your network for internet, printer repair or software installation. A managed services provider like Networking Results will troubleshoot problems, recommend upgrades and handle replacement planning so you don’t have to spend valuable time managing your vendors.

Rather than expend your internal resources on something that’s outside the realm of your expertise, you’re better able to serve the community when you turn to experts who have experience working with nonprofits in Dallas and Fort Worth. Networking Results is positioned to help you understand exactly what you need – and how to help you get your constituents what they need.

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