Has Office 365 Become a Must Have for Business?

Has Office 365 Become a Must Have for Business?

The response to Office 365 has been surprisingly lukewarm in the business community. We work with a lot of people that are using Office 365 (and those who do not) and we have seen two types of reactions to it. Many of our clients rave about Office 365, while there are some who complain that they don’t see the point. What we have noticed is that people who aren’t happy with Office 365 are the people who are using it to do the same things they did in standard Microsoft Office.

This is counter-intuitive and totally goes against the whole point of Office 365. Office 365 is not a cheaper replacement for Microsoft Office. It is a powerful suite that adds a lot to the Office framework and allows your business to do things it couldn’t do before. Using Office 365 in the same way you use Microsoft Word is like using the internet the same way as you use the television. There are many benefits of Office 365; here are the 5 which, in our opinion, make the strongest case for why it is a must-have for any business.

Seamless Collaboration

The biggest perk of Office 365 is how it allows your team to collaborate. There are many small features that combine to make Office 365 a fantastic collaboration tool. It has HD video conferencing so your team can easily talk to each other from different places. You can hold meetings online. It has shared calendars as well as Microsoft Planner, a project management tool. It also allows multiple users to edit the same file without needing multiple copies of the file.

Business Continuity

Office 365 allows your business to continue operating even if your systems start failing. It doesn’t matter what the issue is – power outage, hurricane, fire – you can simply shut down the office and have your team continue the work from elsewhere. Since it works from Microsoft’s own servers any issues on your company’s servers will not affect it.

Mobile Workforce

Your team will be able to work from anywhere they need to. This means that if someone has to go out for a personal task they can still keep up with what is going on in the company. Another big advantage is that employees who are with a client or in a meeting with potential clients have the company’s full backing behind them. They can access any file they need to and talk to anyone in the company instantly.

Data Security

Ransomware, hacks, breaches – these are just some of the issues which have become a huge problem for businesses. Thanks to the security measures in Office 365 your company’s documents will be safe. It provides enterprise level security at retail rates.

Easy to use

This is the single biggest advantage of Office 365. There are many other software suites with the same features as Office 365 but they are hard to use.  You will need to train your team to use them. Office 365 acts almost exactly like Microsoft Office. Since almost everyone who has worked in an office or educational setting is familiar with Microsoft Office, they will need almost no training to utilize Office 365.

Look for ways to take advantage of these additional features O365 offers over traditional Office installations, and we think you’ll see its value in a whole new way!

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