Remote Backup Can Save Your Business

Remote Backup Can Save Your Business

Offsite backups have become virtually indispensable, and for good reason. Many companies have found that the only way to ensure business continuity is to have an offsite backup. Without it, the cost of downtime has simply become too great. Gone are the days when the backup server was in the same office – sometimes even in the same server room! Let’s look at some of the situations where offsite backups can save the day.

Offsite backups help in cases of office emergencies

Work long enough in an office and you will see something go wrong. Fires, a pipe bursting and flooding the whole office, theft, the ceiling collapsing – all these things are always possible. When they happen, they don’t just cause a nuisance – they can also make you lose your data. Imagine a pipe bursting and flooding the server room, or a fire burning the servers. In these cases, only an offsite backup can help.

Offsite backups help in cases of extreme weather

Another situation in which offsite backups are a huge help is when there is extreme weather. If any blizzards, tornado warnings, or rainstorms prevent people from visiting the office, and the server stops working, there’s nothing that can be done. Business continuity can be achieved only if there is an offsite backup that is still working, otherwise until someone can reach the office and fix things, the company will be offline.

Offsite backups help in cases of Security Breaches

When someone has successfully hacked your server, or is in the process of doing so, it can make sense to shut down your servers to immediately investigate the attack. This is something that only businesses with offsite backups can do. Because on-site backups are usually on the same network as the rest of the office, if the network is breached, the backup can be compromised as well.  Since offsite backups are on a different network, they are insulated from the likelihood of a simultaneous attack and give the business the opportunity to connect to an implementation of their data that’s not been breached.

Cloud is the ultimate offsite backup

Thanks to cloud technologies, offsite backups have become much more affordable. This wasn’t always the case. There was a time when having an offsite backup meant paying a lot of money to a company that specialized in offsite backups. Or you could undergo the costs of building out and managing an ‘offsite’ location yourself. That meant purchasing and configuring an entire infrastructure at a dedicated facility just for backup. Thankfully, this can now all be accomplished with a small on-site appliance that backs up to a hosting facility where someone else has made the massive infrastructure investment. This way, the cost of the data, the internet circuit and the required power can be shared across multiple customers that all pay for space in the common facility.

If you’re worried about the ability of your business to continue in the face of one of these challenges, give us a call.  We have affordable business continuity solutions for every size business that will allow you to weather the storms of uncertainty that we all face today.

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