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Network Management

In order for your business to be successful, you have to focus your resources on the things you do well. Distractions and downtime can quickly wreck the bottom line. In today’s technology-driven world, it’s key to have a good system in place.

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Data Backup & Recovery

At the heart of your business lie your invaluable client records, your company financials, your administrative and marketing information, and other critical files. Without it, you have no company. This data must be backed up, stored online in many cases, and remain available for immediate restore should a user lose everything.

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Cloud Computing

If you want to take your business to the next level, consider taking it to the cloud. Private cloud server solutions offer the security of an on-premises server install, combined with the reliability of major data center redundancy. Our hosted cloud services allow for a reduced monthly expense versus the other guys.

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Office 365 Migration for Dallas and Fort Worth

As a hosted product, Office 365 is a distinct edition that migrates the traditional Office suite away from single-user software installed on laptops and desktops and moves it into multi-user services accessible via the cloud. Cloud-hosted solutions aren’t new anymore, and most people are already using some form of the cloud.

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Business VoIP & Unified Communications

Voice over IP (VoIP) utilizes your existing data network and industry standard IP phones to deliver clear, reliable calls with a robust set of benefits. Our solution can increase productivity, unify communication whether you’re using a desk phone, soft phone or mobile, and best of all, is easy to use.

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Firewall Services

To protect your company from hackers and malicious things roaming the Internet, Networking Results recommends a hardware firewall solution. A firewall is used to prevent unauthorized access to your network, and is your company’s primary defense against viruses, malware, Trojan Horse attacks and hackers.

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Antivirus & Spam Protection

Viruses and spam continue to clog inboxes, infect users, and disrupt productivity if they’re not aggressively managed and blocked. Otherwise, these menaces will consume bandwidth, bring workstations and servers to a grinding halt, or worse, delete and corrupt important company files.

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PC, Server Solutions

For companies including medical/dental practices, Networking Results’ certified technicians offer computer troubleshooting help, project management for every aspect of your Microsoft network, whether it exists on-premises at your office location, or is hosted off-site in the cloud.

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Exchange Hosting

Advanced communications and collaboration options are vital components in maximizing employee productivity and profitability. Microsoft Exchange can help your business work together, even when members of your team are in multiple offices, or are on the road connecting through a remote connection.

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IT Project Planning

Jumping into an IT project without a plan or someone experienced to help manage it can be a recipe for disaster. Deadlines, budgets and scopes of work all need to be defined and adhered to in order for a project to be a success.

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IT Procurement

Old hardware degrades and becomes outdated. Aging software doesn’t have the new features and security measures that your business needs. Both things can hinder your business’s efficiency, which is why it’s absolutely essential that you’re able to regularly update your hardware and software.

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Vendor Management

We now live in an outsourced world. The ability (and scalability) it allows our businesses by          outsourcing functions of our business and IT infrastructure continues to increase each day. That is why vendor management has become a very important practice among CIOs and risk management teams. And just because you outsource the function does not mean you can outsource the risk. The risk is still on you and your board of directors! Here are three ways to manage your vendors:

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