Cloud Computing Services

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Cloud Computing

If you want to take your business to the next level, consider taking it to the cloud. Private cloud server solutions offer the security of an on-premises server install, combined with the reliability of major data center redundancy.

Our hosted cloud services allow for a reduced monthly expense versus the up-front cost of a server. Additionally, it’s scalable with the unlimited ability to add storage and memory. Need more real estate in your office, or tired of expensive electricity bills? Taking your server to the cloud frees up additional space in your office and eliminates a major source of power consumption. Need another reason? Redundant power and multiple internet circuits in our datacenter mean downtime and lack of access to your cloud server can be drastically reduced and almost eliminated. We also professionally architect your server configuration and manage the patching, updates and hardware refreshes. Ultimately, your work is always accessible by any of your employees, from anywhere, at any time. And that makes the cloud an amazing solution!

We also offer cloud hosted solutions for Exchange, data backup and Office 365.

Please contact us today to see how affordable, reliable and worry-free it can be for your company to start doing business in the cloud.

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