Data Backup Recovery

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Data Backup & Recovery

At the heart of your business lie your invaluable client records, your company financials, your administrative and marketing information, and other critical files. Without it, you have no company. This data must be backed up, stored online in many cases, and remain available for immediate restore should a user lose a file, suffer a corruption, or worse, a disaster recovery scenario plays out. You need a data backup strategy that’s secure, reliable, and affordable, especially as data stores continue to rapidly increase.

Networking Results has a variety of backup and restore strategies than can work for your business. For organizations that can’t afford to experience downtime, we recommend a full-service backup appliance that stores a local copy of your data, securely replicates a duplicate copy off-site, and offers the ability to spin up a virtual image of your data locally, or in the cloud, in the case of an emergency. Your employees can instantly connect from anywhere they have internet access. We also support backup to a local NAS, remote encrypted backup to the cloud, and replication between two devices should you have multiple offices.

Please contact us today to find out how we can create a comprehensive backup strategy to ensure your vital business data is safe, secure and available when you need it.

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