Nonprofit Technology Solutions

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Nonprofit Technology Solutions

We at NetRes have learned through our nonprofit clients and their missions that growth is not always the measure of success. We provide a variety of technology to help nonprofits build the technical foundation that allows them to flourish in their various missions.

We are dedicated to making a positive impact on businesses and individuals in our community. We participate in fundraisers to benefit those with cancer, distribute food on Thanksgiving, provide toys, blankets and socks at Christmas, and encourage our staff to become active servants in their own communities.

In addition to our personal contributions to various organizations, we also serve by providing technology to dozens of nonprofit organizations in the DFW area. We serve the groups that provide vocational services to adults with severe disabilities, those working with the needy in the mid-cities, and mission organizations that reach people all over the world.

Our purpose is simple, make a positive difference. Nonprofits do just that, make a difference.

Please contact Networking Results today to find out how we can provide technology to your nonprofit today.

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