February 2019

February 2019

I’m not sure if it’s Hallmark or Cupid, but someone came up with the idea that February has an emphasis on love. We hear the word thrown around a lot this month but what does it really mean? Many of those who are reading this won’t disagree we could certainly use more of it in the world today.
One way to show and spread love in the community is to give of our time to nonprofits. Many of you already donate your time and resources to your special nonprofit in the area but what can you do as a team?

I have found that giving back to the community through our company not only benefits the nonprofits that we love but it also provides other benefits for me, my team and our organization as a whole. The question we are going to answer today is why a for-profit business would want to be involved in giving back to the community? Additionally, we will look at how do you make that a reality?

Four reasons why business owners and managers might want to start a companywide initiative program for volunteering and donating to nonprofits:

  1. A grateful heart – Many businesses had a great year and are wanting to share with those less fortunate from the blessings in their own organization.
  2. Set an Example – So many of our team members did not grow up in a family that was willing or able to give to those in need so programs inside the corporate walls provides a great example of how our associates could seek ways to give back.
  3. Provide Opportunities – If we plan a companywide event to volunteer at the homeless shelter or paint houses for the elderly in the neighborhood, then we provide opportunities for our employees to go outside their comfort zone with their coworkers and give back to others.
  4. Build a culture of selflessness – The more we show our team a world in need, the more outward focused they become and less focused inward on themselves. This culture creates a much more dynamic and enjoyable work environment for many.

So where do you start? Look around on your own team and see if there is a champion that might work with you to drive the initiative. Do you know of someone who volunteers on the weekends or runs 5k’s, etc.? Maybe they would be your champion to rally the troops?

Secondly, it’s important to find something that will attract your team to want to participate. A great way to find out what you can do for your organization is to know what your staff interests are. Starting with their interests, you can begin to narrow the list of options down and see what type of volunteering your company would most be interested in getting behind. You won’t ever find the one thing that 100% of the team will want to do but you’re looking for a catalyst to get things rolling. Maybe many of your staff are animal lovers and want to volunteer or raise money for a local animal shelter or there is a team member who has someone close to them that is suffering from a medical condition that has a fundraiser the team could work on. There are so many organizations throughout DFW, I’m sure you and your staff can come together with a common purpose and make a difference.

Mother Teresa said “love is not patronizing, and charity isn’t about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same – with charity you give love, so don’t just give money but reach out your hand instead.”

I embrace this statement and challenge you to spread the love to our community this month! Here is a list of great nonprofits to choose from.


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