Train Your End Users to Think Security

Train Your End Users to Think Security

The IT industry spends billions of dollars researching and implementing new security protocols and technologies. Some of the smartest IT experts in the world dedicate their life to IT security. Yet, security breaches keep happening. We keep hearing about multi-million dollar corporations facing hacks and theft of data. Do you know why security breaches are inevitable? End users. IT experts, security experts, and network administrators can do everything in their power to keep systems safe, but if end users aren’t on the same page then disaster is inevitable. The only solution is to spend time training the end users to understand and think about security.

Why End Users are a major Security Risk

It can be very hard for IT professionals to understand why users are, for the lack of a better word, so ‘unhelpful’ when it comes to security, and IT problems in general. Some of the IT complaints and problems we encounter truly confound us; not because they are so complicated, but because they are so simple.

However, the people who make such mistakes aren’t fools – they just aren’t into computers. That statement seems almost counter-intuitive, and most IT professionals have the same reaction to it – c’mon, everyone uses computers! How can people not know about computers when it is virtually impossible to get an office job without using one? Think about it this way. Millions of people drive as well, but do you think most of them understand how their cars work? How much do you know about your car’s engine? If you took a survey of IT professionals asking them to explain how a car’s engine worked, how many do you think would be able to give the right answer? Now, one could say that we drive every day,and should therefore know how to fix small problems, but we all know that isn’t the reality when something goes wrong.

The same is true for end users and their computers. Many of them are frighteningly clueless about the machines they depend upon for so much of their productivity.  When push comes to shove, they simply know what motions to follow to perform basic computer tasks required to complete their jobs.

Training end users is the best way to implement security

Because so many hacks and breaches occur through successful attempts to fool end users, you don’t have to give the end users detailed training about how security works to vastly improve your overall security.  Even a small webinar or lecture on basic computer security will do wonders. Make sure each and every employee knows what type of emails they can open, what websites they should avoid, what they shouldn’t download, and how to determine if the source of a file is trustworthy.  If in doubt, ask someone in IT first!

The best way to keep your organization safe is to implement a few training sessions on how viruses spread, and develop some basic best practices that everyone can follow. Once people realize that many of their actions are putting the company at risk, they will start to understand, and improve, security.

If you need help with the training, give us a call.  We have customized recurring training programs available for your entire company!

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