What Make Office 365 Right for Small to Midsize Businesses?

What Make Office 365 Right for Small to Midsize Businesses?

Are you trying to push your small to midsize business further ahead of the competition? You won’t get there by sitting idly by using outdated technologies. Office365 is the future of collaboration!

What’s so special about Office 365? Here’s a few facts that highlight WHY it’s a winner for businesses like yours . . .

  • 85 Million Monthly Active Users
  • 35% Increase in Office 365 Adoption
  • Office 365 Works for all Industries and Sizes

But what about security? Is my data safe?

  • Microsoft guarantees 99% uptime for Office365 users to ensure access at all times.
  • Microsoft encrypts data at rest and in transmission with BitLocker Encryption and SSL over HTTP.
  • Microsoft employs multiple layers of redundancy and backups of information at the datacenter level for easy restoration.
  • Microsoft enables users to manage privacy settings at an administrator and regular use level for better protection.
  • Microsoft doesn’t disclose their facilities’ locations to the public for higher security of physical servers.

Aside from security, what does Office365 actually do?

  • A Complete Platform. Office365 is a complete platform that’s compromised of email, social network, instant messaging, online meetings, personal file sharing, and more. You have everything you need for effective intra-organization collaboration.
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access. Office365 is a cloud-based platform with secure anytime, anywhere access from any device. This is a huge benefit to those working onsite, at home or from remote or satellite office locations.
  • A Sense of Freedom from Maintenance. Office365 frees you from the need to update and maintain your own Exchange Server, SharePoint Server or Lync Infrastructure. You never have to worry about patches again.
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