Why Restarting Your Computer Can Help Your Performance

Why Restarting Your Computer Can Help Your Performance

“My screen just froze, email system is down, and I’m waiting on an important email to come through! Help!” Has this happened to you?

Good news, many of your technical frustrations can be avoided by simple restarting your computer. Below are benefits of restarting your computer and how it can help your overall computer’s performance.

Flushes RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM handles short-term tasks and data; restarting your computer allows you to flush out random, temporary, or unrelated data slowing down your device.

Improves Speed Performance

We all have the need for speed and our computer’s performance is no different. By flushing RAM, your computer will run a lot faster without the temporary files piled in your computer’s memory.

Prevents Memory Leaks

Some programs borrow RAM while they are open on your computer. Unfortunately, outdated programs forget to return memory, even after they are closed, creating memory leaks. Restarting your computer can assist in preventing this from happening.

Stop Frozen Screens

Going without a restart over time can cause unwanted bugs and glitches on your device. Restarting will stop the system’s processors from becoming overloaded and provide more than enough time to recharge.

Save Time 

Restarting your computer will allow your device to update needed performance maintenance without sacrificing your time the following day. Keeping your device maintained can also save you downtime from future bugs or performance issues.

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