You Focus on Business; We’ll Take Care of Your Data

You Focus on Business; We’ll Take Care of Your Data

All companies need some kind of reliable back up – no matter what size they are. We see this all the time. One small company lost several months’ worth of bookkeeping to ransomware encryption. An architecture firm lost CAD drawings to a server crash. Had it not been for our backups, a dentist client of ours would have lost all their patient files to a fire.

You don’t want this to be you. We believe in offering solutions that make sense for all businesses, whether you need Texas-sized protection or just a smidgen of security.

We offer more than one backup solution, so you can have peace of mind regardless of what your budget or size is. So, you know that your business will be back up and running with minimal downtime and no data loss if (OK, when) disaster strikes.

Just a Smidgen of Security

This option stores data off site on cloud-hosted disk drives so your data is guarded from any mishaps, natural disasters or phishing attempts. If and when it’s needed, your data is shipped to you to be uploaded onto your new server.

 Choose this if…

  • You need to archive files for reference later
  • You don’t need to back-up production data
  • You can afford a few days without your data

Texas-sized Protection

Another backup option is to use a back-up appliance that stores a local copy of your data and securely replicates a duplicate copy to an off-site server. This allows you to spin up a virtual copy of your data locally (or in the cloud) so you experience little-to-no downtime. Fail-over images restore you to a fully functioning system fast.

Choose this if…

  • Your business can’t afford downtime or data loss
  • You house personal information for clients
  • Your data isn’t easily replicated

With either solution, your business is safer from downtime and data loss and your mind is free to focus on more important stuff like growing your business.

There’s more to backups than the kind of product – it’s also about how well your Managed Service Provider is taking care of it. Here are two things that we do differently:

  1. We use onboarding to create a backup solution unique to your business

When we start working together, we conduct a thorough review to ensure everything that needs to be backed up gets backed up and that we retain files as long as needed – whether that’s 30 days or forever (for all you government contractors). We also make sure things like your employees’ personal music and photos are not part of your back-ups.

  1. We make sure your backups will work when you need them

We test to ensure your systems can be fully restored, and we monitor data to ensure it’s being backed up. Not all IT providers do this, and we’re here to tell you: without this monitoring process, you may as well not even have backups.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a fifteen-person shop or a giant corporation. If you rely on digital information whatsoever, you need to have reliable backups AND restores. Unless of course, you want to lose it all the next time a pipe bursts or a server crashes.

At Networking Results, we believe you deserve peace of mind. Call or email us and let us make sure a copy of your data is there when you need it most.

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