Oops! 3 Times You Need Business Continuity

Oops! 3 Times You Need Business Continuity

A couple years ago, a dental practice client of ours burned to the ground on a weekend. Sometime later a small-business client across town was infected with ransomware. A few months ago, an employee at a local non-profit deleted whole folders of files from their servers. In all three cases, chaos ensued and everything came to a screeching halt.

It can take days, even weeks, to restore data via a local or cloud-only backup system, depending upon what happened. All the while your employees (and customers!) are unable to carry on with business as usual. Now you’ve lost data and you’re hemorrhaging money, sitting in a holding pattern and watching your reputation suffer.

Your backup, firewall and antivirus systems are absolutely necessary, but alone they can’t defend you from malware, physical disasters and employee mishaps – and they definitely can’t let you carry on business as usual during or after a disruption. A backup strategy that incorporates a business continuity component is the best way to ensure you get back to work as soon as possible. There is no getting around that.

The real question is – how much does it cost you every hour, every day while waiting for data to be restored or equipment to be shipped? You can’t afford not to have business continuity as a part of your plan – it’s your most effective protection against data loss and operational downtime.

3 Times You Need Business Continuity 

-Natural disasters

Fire, floods and other natural disasters can seriously damage your hardware systems while making it very difficult to restore and access data.

Although our dental practice client lost just about everything in the  fire, including their on-site backups,they had a backup solution that included business continuity (thanks to us) allowing our team to fail them over to an image copy of their data that was hosted in the cloud. Come Monday morning, they were operating with laptops that connected to that cloud hosted image, able to call patients, reschedule appointments and started rebuilding their practice immediately. They were able to run on their cloud server image until a new server was built and we could roll them back over. They didn’t miss a beat.


Fires and floods are covered by insurance. Phishing and Cyber-attacks? Not so much. You don’t have many choices when it comes to ransomware. Pay the ransom and you may, or may not, get your data back. Prepare in advance with a business continuity plan so you can delete the ransomware-encrypted files and go on about your business? A much better option. Even if you suffer an attack on Monday and you’re hit again on Friday, your network can be continually backed up so you can fail over again and again without losing time or data. Business-continuity capable backups are one the best secret weapons against ransomware out there.

-Employee mistakes

Employees are human after all. They might drop a can of coke in the server room, frying every byte of data you have, or they might accidentally delete important file folders. End user mistakes are far more common than fires and ransomware, and they can do a good bit of damage, even when it’s not intentional.  Business continuity solutions allow you to smile, train your employee to be more careful, recover the lost data and keep going.

Business continuity security is often viewed strictly as an expense. However, minimizing the risk of losing business, customer data and employee productivity allows you to sleep at night knowing that your money, client confidence, and your reputation are safe.  Plus, when you consider the cost of downtime you eliminate:

(# Hours downtime per year x Amount of revenue you generate each hour)


(# Hours downtime per year x Hourly salary of all affected employees combined)

You can actually see how your investment in a backup that offers the added benefit of business continuity can start to create actual ROI!

Don’t lose time, money or customers – be prepared with a business continuity plan. Contact Networking Results, online or call 817 575-6230.

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